Common Thread Accordian Fold Flyer
5.5' x 17' 2 Sided
Golf Digest Editorial
August 2017
Golf Digest Editorial
July 2017
Eggloo for Panorama NYC
Adidas Showcase #3
If you ask me... It's all about th
Curarated by Ricky Powell
4' x 7' Nylon Banner
CD Skate Shop of Staten Island
Spencer Sweeney Interview
Pedal Magazine "Portugal"
Torro/Bigwing Distribution Ad
Hidden Magazine
Mural on Permanent Display
Queens Central Library
TORRO! x SKAM2 Graphic Release
Instagram Campaign
VNDL Mag Issue 2
Words and images by Ryan Zimmerman
TORRO! 2013 Team Poster
Rodney Torres Images and banner ad.
Bodega Skateboards Advertisement
FTK Fall 2012
John "JTMR" Reeves
Steez Magazine Issue 25 2012
Rodney Torres for Zoo York & AWH
Thrasher Magazine December 2010
John Igei
Pedal Speed Magazine 2011
Rodney Torres
Poweredge Magazine Issue 4
Dan Carrerio
FTK Magazine November 2011
Chad Caruso
FTK Magazine January 2011
John Igei for Chrome.
Slider Magazine 2010